Preparing for Hospice:
5 Ways to Get Ready for End of Life Care

Having a plan in place before care starts can help relieve some of the stressors associated with end-of-life care. It can help minimize the impact should any issues arise and allow you to focus on the more important matters.

If your loved one is about to enter end hospice, we’ve listed just some of the ways you can help them get ready for entering end of life care.

Create a Care Folder

Because a team care concept can often involve many people, treatments and other factors, having a good care plan in place can help to keep things organized.
Creating a care folder can allow you to keep all information together as well as being a reference for other caregivers. You can include things such as:

  •  A list of care providers such as nurses, doctors and chaplains including family members
  • Details of preferences and concerns about things such as eating, drinking, swallowing difficulties and moving and handling.
  • Treatments and actions that care providers should make in a life-threatening situation including physician-signed DNACPR form.
  • Medical Power of Attorney (PoA) contact information
  • Copies of up-to-date insurance cards and Personal ID.
  • A summary of conversations between you and healthcare professionals
  • Your wishes about end of life care including views whether or not cardiopulmonary resuscitation is wanted

Make Home Modifications

It’s important for patients to feel safe and comfortable during their hospice care. Changes to the home can be put in place to make things as easy and pain-free as possible. Each person will require their own-specific alterations and hospice workers can help identify them and put them into place.
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Common modifications include:

  • Oxygen equipment
  • Walker
  • Hospital bed
  • Wheelchair
  •  Over-bed table
  • Specialized mattress
  • Commode/Bedpan

Removing any potential safety hazards such as throw rugs, unstable chairs or tables and clutter can help patients avoid accidents at home. AARP has excellent guidance on safe mobility at home.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Additional touches to the room in which care is being provided can go a long way to help create a cozy and restful environment for hospice. Items such as scent diffusers, lighting changes, pictures of loved ones or a favorite pillow can help.

Focus on the Individual

Relaying a person’s preferences, habits and routines to their carers can assist in making their time easier and more comfortable. These could include:

  • Food, bathroom and sleeping habits
  • Activities such as a favorite card game or TV show
  • Friends and contacts including how and when to see them
  • Preferred temperature

Find the Right Team

Finding the most suitable care team is important in creating a comfortable hospice care experience. Hospice providers can work with you to ensure that they source the right staff to work with your loved one most companionably and comfortably.

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