What does a Hospice Chaplain Do?

Being able to talk things through with someone can help us find strength and comfort during challenging times. At Luxe Hospice, we have a team of chaplains on-hand to provide counseling and spiritual guidance for patients and their families.

What does a Hospice Chaplain Do?

A chaplain is the name for a cleric such as a minister, pastor, priest, rabbi or imam or who represents religions at institutions such as hospitals, military units and schools.

Hospice Chaplains are specifically focused on assisting those experiencing terminal illness and their families to get through these difficult times. Some of their typical responsibilities include:Chaplain Services - Luxe Hospice

  • Visiting patients, their families and friends in their homes or other places of hospice
  • Offering a listening ear and provide support
  • Providing practical help such as funeral planning.
  • Leading various services including reflections and remembrance services.
  • Officiating at funerals
  • Bereavement support

 Helping You Find Peace During Difficult Times

Patients can find that during the end of their life that they gain a sense of peace from talking with a person of their faith. The compassionate support of a chaplain can help them remember what is important to them and help release them from worries and fears.

For many patients, religion may have played an important role throughout their lives, for others this may be the first time they find themselves asking questions around faith and spirituality. A chaplain can work with you to answer some of the questions that may come up.

We have a team of chaplains that work directly with us, however, should you prefer a chaplain that you know personally/ from your community, we will work with you to find someone that you feel comfortable with.

Working Together to Support You

Our chaplains work as part of a multi-disciplinary team which includes social workers, counselors and volunteers. Our team works together to ensure that all aspects of support are taken care of.

Providing Chaplains in Malibu, Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles

Chaplain Los Angeles - Luxe Hospice We are the only hospice provider that offers home-based support in the Malibu and Pacific Palisades area. Our Chaplains also work within the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas including Bel Air and Santa Monica. See our hospice support locations.

Learn More About Chaplain Support

You can request a hospice chaplain by speaking to any of the Luxe Hospice team involved with your care or simply contact us online to find out how we can help.