Hospice Nurse Practitioners in Los Angeles

If your loved one is facing a serious illness or medical condition, we can help to support you both through this difficult time. Our hospice nurses can assist with pain management to provide a comforting presence and emotional and spiritual support.

We will work closely with you and your family to ensure that you and your loved one’s choices, priorities and values are at the forefront of our care so you can focus on making the most of your time with them.

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Hospice Care

What Does a Hospice Nurse Do?

Hospice nurses have a number of different roles and their duties change frequently depending on their patient’s needs.  Here are just some of the duties a hospice nurse might take on:

Perform patient assessments and create a plan of care  Hospice nurses often perform patient assessments and review medical histories to gain a better understanding of the patients background and needs. Working alongside the patient’s care team such as social workers and chaplains, nurses can decide on what will specifically benefit your loved ones unique needs and put together a personalized care plan.

Document important information Hospice nurses document important up-to-date information, recommendations and changes in vital signs and status. The nurse will then provide this information to team members involved in the patients care at interdisciplinary meetings.

Familiarize caregivers with day-to-day care duties Including how to correctly take medications and set up equipment so their loved one is as comfortable as possible.

Supervise other team members These include licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and certified home health aides (CHHAs).

Order supplies and equipment Using a physician’s order, hospice nurses can put in orders for equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds and other necessities.

Educate and guide Many nurses teach caregivers about how to use medication correctly and potential problems to look out for. Administer medications and are there to answer any questions. A hospice nurse can help you understand your loved ones illness and give advice on things that might help. They can also prepare caregivers for what to expect as their disease progresses and how care might change.

Prescribe medications or treatments Some hospice nurses are registered nurses (RNs) and can take a role similar to a doctor with the ability to supervise or manage medical care such as writing prescriptions.

Communicating with other team members Hospice nurses often facilitate meetings bringing together a patient’s care team to share new information on illness progression, how to improve quality of life and how best to implement your loved ones wishes. These meetings are usually held at least once every fifteen days.

Respite – Caring for a sick loved one can demand a great amount of mental, emotional and physical energy. The seemingly relentless stresses and responsibilities of caregiving can frequently cause burnout. Hospice respite nurses can provide caregivers with much needed relief from their caregiving duties.

Crisis care Hospice nurses are trained to deal with common crises such as acute pain, agitation, breathing trouble or bleeding. A hospice nurse can offer calm and supportive care while helping to reduce symptoms by providing medications or adaptations.

Caregiver support A comforting and compassionate presence, hospice nurses can provide emotional support not only for the patient, but the caregiver also. Many caregivers find themselves facing anxieties, fears and other difficult emotions. A hospice nurse can help support you emotionally as well as practically during this testing time.

How Often Does a Hospice Nurse Visit?

Every patient’s situation is unique and the length of a visit depends on the needs of the family and patient. Initially many people are visited once, twice or three times a week, but this will change depending on theirs and their family’s needs and their current health status.

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